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Tour de Korea 2012

The official name

Tour de Korea 2012 - The elite Race


2012. 4. 22(Sunday) ~ 4. 29(Sunday), 8 Days

Location and Route

  • Ten places include Seoul (Incheon, Seoul, Buyeo, Gwangju, Yeosu, Geochang, Gumi, Yeoungju, Chungju, Yeoju)
  • About 800Km


The invited domestic and foreign team composed of UCI or Korea Cycling Federation registered players


Elite Schedule
Date Stage Section Distance(Km) SPRINT K.O.M Etc
Departure Arrive Parade Race Total
4.22(Sun) Stage 1 Incheon Seoul 3.2 52.0 55.2 1 0 Opening ceremony
4.23(Mon) Stage 2 Buyeo Gwangju 2.6 197.7 200.3 0 1
4.24(Tues) Stage 3 Gwangju Yeosu 3.5 135.6 139.1 0 1
4.25(Wed) Stage 4 Yeosu Geochang 3.7 176.2 179.9 0 1
4.26(Thu) Stage 5 Geochang Gumi 6.3 146.8 153.1 1 1
4.27(Fri) Stage 6 Gumi Yeongju 7.5 164.0 171.5 1 0
4.28(Sat) Stage 7 Yeongju Chungju 2.0 138.0 140.0 1 2
4.29(Sun) Stage 8 Yeoju Hanam 1.5 45.8 47.3 1 0 Closing Ceremony
Total distance(Km) 30.3 1,056.1 1,086.4 5 6


Total prize money : Two hundred fifty millions Won

Amount fixed by Personal ranking, Group ranking, K.O.M, Sectional, Total ranking

Ranking Personal prize Team prize Total
person/total Sprint/total K.O.M/total B.Y.R/total team/total team/total
by Time by points by points by Time by Time by Time
Overall Overall Overall Overall Overall Asian
1 4,000,000 20,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 4,000,000 20,000,000 5,000,000
2 2,000,000 10,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000 2,000,000 10,000,000 2,500,000
3 1,200,000 6,000,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 1,500,000 6,000,000 2,000,000
4 800,000 4,000,000 1,500,000 1,500,000 1,000,000 4,000,000 1,500,000
5 600,000 3,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 800,000 3,000,000 1,200,000
6 500,000 2,000,000 800,000 800,000 600,000 2,000,000 920,000
7 400,000 1,500,000 700,000 700,000 500,000 1,500,000
8 300,000 1,000,000 600,000 600,000 400,000 1,000,000
9 200,000 800,000
10 200,000 800,000
11 200,000 800,000
12 150,000 700,000
13 150,000 700,000
14 150,000 700,000
15 120,000 600,000
16 120,000 600,000
17 120,000 600,000
18 100,000 500,000
19 100,000 500,000
20 100,000 500,000
TOTAL 11,510,000
92,080,000 55,300,000 15,600,000 15,600,000 10,800,000 47,500,000 13,120,000 250,000,000


  • Sectional ranking 1~3 (in person)
  • Sectional ranking 1~3 (in team, each has 2 person), award will be held nest day and before stating
  • Personnal total ranking 1
  • K.O.M. ranking 1 (if only take K.O.M. score of relevant section)
  • Special award
    (Best leadership, Best judge, Rookie of the year, Popularity award, Participation prize in group···all selected by host))
  • The prize money will pay to the account which reported to host when sent an entry, after the end of competiton

Race Rules - General Information


VI. General Information
PARAGRAPH 1. Tour de Korea 2012
Tour de Korea 2012 is an international race, which is registered as an Asia Tour of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Road Calendar. This event is held as a class-2 stage race. This race should be highly evaluated as an event where UCI ranking points, which are important for qualifying to the World Championships, are provided.
PARAGRAPH 2. Invitation Conditions
Each team has to bear own travel expenses (such as airfare) for the designated place of assembly (Incheon Airport).
Invited foreign teams arrive at Incheon International Airport and are picked up by the Organizing committee. Subsidy will be issued on the last day of the race.
PARAGRAPH 3. Insurance
All participants must be adequately insured against accidents & civil responsibility insurance before they leave their country.
The organizer will not compensate for any accidents and injuries that may occur during one’s stay in Korea.
PARAGRAPH 4. ID Card and Access Restriction
All persons taking part in the Tour de Korea 2012 must carry their ID cards in order to identify themselves and to be admitted into controlled places, such as the areas around the starting and finish lines and the Headquarters. ID cards will be handed out upon arrival at the hotel.
PARAGRAPH 5. Cycle on Public Roads
Should participants cycle on public road for the purpose of transportation or training after arrival, it is assumed to be self-responsibility.
Everyone must obey Korean traffic regulations.
PARAGRAPH 6. Vehicles in Race Convoy
1) The Organizer will provide one car (team car) without a driver and provide one van (team support car) for the transportation between the venue and accommodation and feeding support for each foreign team. The team car for the race must be returned undamaged after the finish of Stage 8 to the parking lot of Olympic Parktel.
Driving and taking care of the team car is the responsibility of the manager of each team. A driver from each team must hold driver’s licenses effective in Korea. Should mechanical trouble or an accident occur, the team manager must report to the person in charge. In principle, the people using the team car will accept any due responsibility for accidents.
When parking at the starting/finishing area, all drivers in charge must respect instructions of race administration and commissaries, officials and organizing personnel.
The organizer will give an assessed amount of subsidy for fuel supply to the team managers for the Team Car.
Each Korean regional team is allowed to have two team cars; however, only one car (Team Car) per team is allowed to be used for the race and the other car (Team Support Car) should be used for the refreshment supply and transportation.
And the staff(foreign teams and Korean regional teams) for feeding are also transported to feeding zone by the Team Support Car. The Team Support car should go to the finish line after they finish their feeding.

2) The banners and stickers will be attached by organizer to each team car in accordance with stipulated rules. Team managers should apply to the Organizer should they want to put stickers of his team sponsors on their team cars and should only do so in the presence of the Race Director or his deputy.

3) Only registered team officials and riders can ride in a team car. Riders and team officials who do not take part in this event are not allowed riding in a team car, unless they are accredited by the Organizer. Additional personnel on team cars without prior approval by the Organizer (and without proper accreditation) will void all insurance and the team manager will be liable to all claims by other teams and concerned parties.
Media personnel wishing to travel in vehicles other than media vehicles or motorbikes must obtain the express agreement of the Organizer.

4) Driving and taking care of the team car is under the responsibility of the manager of each team. In principle, the driver is responsible and shall compensate the organizer for all accidents or damages.
PARAGRAPH 7. Start Proper
1) 1) Assembly at the Starting Area
Team cars should assemble and wait at the designated places by 45 minutes before starting time. All riders must finish signing up 10 minutes before the race start.

2) Start of the Race
Ten minutes before starting time, official announcements will introduce riders who placed at the top of each classification in the previous stage. Riders should move from assembly point to starting line in the order announced.
The period between the departure signal and the official start signal, which will be given by the commissaire in charge, will feature a short parade section. Therefore, riders should ride slowly after the Event Director’s car.
1) In principle, this event can only make exclusive use of the width of a single right lane (including shoulder). Therefore, riders and drivers of all vehicles must strictly observe traffic of right lane.

2) In this event, for the purpose of the safety of riders and preventing an accident, penalties will be enforced to riders and team managers for the violation to ride or drive on the left side of road beyond center yellow line except specially allowed section. Especially, on a downhill road which is extremely dangerous, heavy penalties will be imposed to riders and team managers who violate these rules.

3) Also, riders who have dropped a certain time behind the leading riders and are ordered to stop racing by race officials must promptly do so and board the bicycles in the sag-wagon (truck) and ride on the sag-wagon (bus) in accordance with the regulations of the Tour de Korea.

4) Priority of vehicles for emergency service;
Emergence vehicles, such as police cars, fire engines and ambulance, have the right of way. Therefore, participant should draw to the right side and proceed slowly and with caution when such vehicles approach. Also, Motor-bike commissaire may lead those vehicles as the situation demands.
PARAGRAPH 9. Refreshments
1st - 8th stages in Korea

1) Giving or exchanging food and drink are permitted between all riders. In principle, team officials who will go to feeding zones beforehand by a bus provided by the organizer or the feeding car of each regional team should get down from those cars, stand on the right side of the road and supply food and drink to their riders in feeding zone (supplying food and drink in a car to riders is allowed according to only the direction of commissaire).
Feeding zone will be indicated by a sign at 1km before the areas.

2) The Team Support Car of each team has to start to the feeding zone before the start of the race and the feeding for riders should be promptly conducted by the team officials concerned according to the instructions of commissaire.
PARAGRAPH 10. Mechanic Failtures
When riders have trouble with materials or equipments during the race, according to the regulations, teams do repair by themselves in the first place, stationary on the right hand side at the rear of the bunch.
However, the organizer will provide three (3) neutral cars. In this case, each team is able to load their spare wheels on the neutral car before the start.
PARAGRAPH 11. Abandonment and Disqualification
Riders who are disqualified or who abandon the race may not continue racing nor follow the race, except for cases in which special permission is given by the organizer.
Riders who are disqualified or abandon the race may not participate in the subsequent stages, except for exceptions as stipulated in Article 8.
PARAGRAPH 12. Transfer before, after, and between stages
Teams from abroad will be transferred by team cars and buses (depends on distance) to start from hotel, from finish to hotel and between stages provided by the organizer. All team cars and buses should travel together with the motorcade.
PARAGRAPH 13. Information and Communique
Communiques will be issued by Headquarters to transmit competition results, various information, and directions to team officials, press personnel and technical officials. After the closing of the Headquarters at finishing points, an information room set up in the accommodation for Headquarters staff will provide such communiques.
The organizer will offer information on various situations of the competition at the Headquarters near finishing point.
Communiques will also be posted on the official website of the tour (
Press must follow the directions for coverage stipulated in the official program.
PARAGRAPH 14. First Aids Measures
Headquarter will provide first aid on the scene during the event. Participants will be responsible for any further treatment.

Race Rules - Specific Regulations


VII. Specific Regulations
Article 1. Organization
Tour de Korea 2012 is organized by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO) and Korea Cycling Federation located at Room 409, Olympic Center #88, Oryun-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is held under the regulations of the International Cycling Union and Korea Cycling Federation. It is to take place from April 22nd to 29th over 8 stages.

- Race Director : Mr. LEE, Dongwook (+82-11-504-8488)
- Address : Room 409, Olympic Center #88, Oryun-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
- E-mail :
Article 2. Type of event
The event is open to athletes of the Men’s Elite and Under 23 categories. The event is entered on the UCI Asian Tour calendar and is registered as a class 2.2 event. In conformity with the UCI rules, points are awarded as follows for the UCI Men’s Elite and Under 23 (refer to Art.2.11.014) ranking :

- General Individual classification by time ranking 1 - 8 (40, 30, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 3)
- Stage winner to the first 3 rider on each stage (8, 5, 2)
- Stage Leader Jersey for General individual classification by time @ 4 points daily
Article 3. Participation
As per article 2.1.005 of the UCI regulations, the event is open to the following teams : UCI Professional Continental Teams, UCI Continental Teams, National Teams, Regional and Club Teams. As recommended by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, there will be 22 teams, including 18 from overseas and 4 from Korea. As per article 2.2.003 of the UCI regulations, teams must be formed of minimum 4 and maximum 6 riders, plus a maximum of 3 substitute riders, 3 team officials and maximum 2 substitute team officials, and must register these personnel with the organizer not later than April 9th, 2012.
Article 4. Race Headquarters
List of locations of Headquarters for each stage will be provided in the official program.
The race headquarters shall open 2 hours before the start at the starting point, and at the finishing point it shall be open from 11:00 to the time when commissaires completes his duty.
Article 5. Radio Tour
Race Information will be broadcast on the following frequency : 444.125hz
A receiver will be provided for all overseas teams, Korea regional teams shall bring their own radio equipment to receive (and only receive) radio tour broadcast.
Both English and Korean will be broadcasted over radio tour.
Article 6. Neutral Technical Support
The technical support service is handled by the organizer.
The neutral support is taken care of by means of 3 cars.
Article 7. Bonuses
Bonuses, under the articles 2.6.019 to 2.6.029, will be awarded as follows :

- Stage finishes : 10", 6", 4" to the first 3 riders
Article 8. Finishing Time Limits
Taking into account the characteristics of each stage, the finishing time limits have been set as follows :

- Flat Stages : 8%                     - Stages : 1, 8
- Moderately Hilly Stages : 12%  - Stages : 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

The time limit may, in exceptional circumstances, be increased by the commissaires’ panel in agreement with the organizer according to article 2.6.032
Article 9. Classifications
Tour de Korea has classifications :

a) General Individual Classification by time
General Classification on time is decided by adding together the time taken by each rider on each stage, after deducting time bonuses and adding time penalties. In case of equality in time, riders will be classified according to UCI Regulations 2.6.015.
The leading rider of this classification after each stage will wear the yellow jersey.

b) Best Sprinters'Classification on Intermediate Sprints
Points for sprints will be awarded as follows : Daily intermediate Sprint 1-3 with time bonuses @ 3", 2", 1" (for 1-3 winner and points for 1-4 winners @ 5, 3, 2, 1)
In case of a tie in the General Points Classification, article 2.6.017 of UCI regulations will be applied.
The leading rider of this classification after each stage will wear the sky blue jersey.
To be entitled to the final General Points Classification prize money, riders have to complete the entire tour within the official time limit.

c) Best Climbers'Classification on Mountain Points
The Best Climber is decided by points awarded on each of the sprint primes in this tour.
4th Cat. Climb : 4, 3, 2, 1 points for K.O.M. in
                       Stage 2 (155.8km)
                       Stage 3 (88.1km)
                       Stage 5 (56.6km, 105.6km)
                       Stage 6 (95.9kkm)
3rd Cat. Climb : 6, 4, 3, 2 points for K.O.M. in
                       Stage 4 (114.5km)
                       Stage 7 (98.1km)
2nd Cat. Climb : 8, 6, 4, 3 points for K.O.M. in
                       Stage 7 (76.4km)
In case of equality in points, riders will be classified according to UCI Regulations 2.6.017. The leading rider of this classification will wear the red polka dot jersey.
To be entitled to the final General Points Classification prize money, riders have to complete the entire tour within the official time limit

d) Young Rider Individual Classification by time
The Best Young Rider Classification on time is decided by adding together the time taken by each rider of ages 19 to 22 on each stage, after deducting time bonuses and adding time penalties. In case of equality in time, riders will be classified according to UCI Regulations 2.6.015.
The leading rider of this classification after each stage will wear the white jersey.

e) Team Classification on Overall Time
The team award is based on the total time of the best 3 riders in a team on each stage, excluding time bonuses. In case of equality in time, teams will be classified according to UCI Regulations 2.6.016.

f) Special Awards
Special prizes established by the organizer such as the award for the best manager and coach, the award for the most popular rider, the award for team encouragement, the award for exemplary commissaire, and the award for exemplary staff will be given to riders, team officials, riders, commissaires and staff.
Article 10. Prizes
Prizes are awarded according to UCI Financial Obligations. A grand total of 250,000,000 Korean Won will be awarded in prize money for this tour.
Article 11. Anti-doping
The UCI and KADA anti-doping regulations are entirely applicable to the event. Moreover, and in conformity with the law of Korea, the Korean anti-doping legislation is applicable in addition to the UCI anti-doping regulations.
Article 12. Award Ceremony
In accordance with the article 1.2.112 of the UCI rules, the following riders must attend the official awards ceremony

- The first 3 of the stage
- The leaders of the following secondary classifications : GC leader, best young rider, leader of the Best Sprinters’ Classification, leader of the Best Climbers’ Classification.

Riders will present themselves at the podium in a time limit of maximum 10 minutes after crossing the finish line.
The final award ceremony will be held at the Misari Boat Racing Venue on April 29th along with the closing ceremony, with all participants in this event and citizens in attendance. All team officials and riders are obligated to attend this ceremony. The following riders must also present themselves at the final awards ceremony.

- The first 3 of the event for all classifications
- Winners of the special prizes
Article 13. Penalties
The UCI penalty scale is the only one applicable.
Article 14. Green Sport
Cycling is a green sport.
All personnel are reminded that the race passes through areas of wildlife and natural beauty, historical sites and reserves that we should help to preserve.
Neither littering nor throwing water bottles along the race course is strictly prohibited.